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About the project "Developing migrants’ language competences at work"


Project results


What is it about?

The project seeks to establish a European learning network to support researchers, learning providers, employers, trade unions and policy-makers in an emerging field: learning (including formal, non-formal and informal learning) of the majority language by migrants and ethnic minorities for work. A website to share and develop practice across different European countries will be set up.


This project seeks to develop a European learning network to support the professional development of language teaching professionals in an emerging field: learning of the majority language by migrant and ethnic workers in the workplace. Although the project targets adults in employment its outcomes and outputs will be relevant also for language development of (young) adults seeking employment and for teachers of vocational courses. Through correspondence, network meetings and workshops the project will bring interested professionals into communication to share research, policy and practice across Europe. The project has a strong focus on professional development and includes a practical plan for longer term sustainability. Outputs will include a website that enables professionals in different European countries to share and develop practice. The website will also contain a toolkit of practical workplace language teaching resources, offering professionals immediate benefit. Finally the project will develop a resource bank that documents the development of policy, research and practice in the field of workplace language learning in Europe and helps shape a vision for future developments. In this way, the project will bridge past, present and future. 

This project was run within the ECML's Learning through languages programme.

Working languages:
English and French

Project term: 2012-2015

Target audience involved in project activities:

  • Teachers, teacher educators
  • Researchers
  • Employers, trade unions, policy-makers 


The Language for work publication and web pages result from the work of an international network established within one of the ECML projects. We would like to thank all who worked on Language for work, in particular the project coordination team for their motivation and active involvement.

Project working pages

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Project team

Matilde Grünhage-Monetti  (coordinator)

Alexander Braddell
United Kingdom

Florence Mourlhon-Dallies

María Teresa Hernández García

In cooperation with the 
Moscow State Linguistic University





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